Friday, February 29, 2008

Tom Hsieh Interview

Divine compulsion is afoot.

It was no coincidence that at Urbana '96, a small nondescript book titled something like They Loved the Inner City made its way into my hands. After many years, it is no coincidence that my church's city mission effort, Mission St. Louis, is coming to my neighborhood. It is no coincidence that I saw Tom Hsieh's story a couple of months ago on the Next Gener.Asian blog. It is no coincidence that I'm reading a book titled Restoring At-Risk Communities with a bunch of people from church. It is no coincidence that I saw the following POWERFUL telephone interview with Tom Hsieh from NewPointe Church in Ohio (many thanks to Laurence Tom's blog).

(Credit: YouTube user maxvenable)

This interview is one reason why I know there must be a God around here. I was reaching for Kleenex at 3.5 minutes. I am going to try to locate the story about him in People magazine as well and update.

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Anonymous said...

hey letitia!
glad to hear how this interview has impacted you. each time i hear it i'm like wow.

i've been working on getting my congregation or at least my leadership to consider generosity as one of their key core values. imagine a community that understands and lives with such kingdom sight? resources like this make it easier for my asian-american congregants and others to consider their life narratives.