Friday, August 24, 2007

The Damsel's Virgin Blog Entry

(That's right...this is my first blog entry ever.)

I hate blogging, I really do. It's a tedious, time consuming way to ignore the demands of my young family and keep me glued to an expensive plastic box. But, I love theology and the world of ideas. I also love to stick my nose in controversy, and the internet doesn't lack for any. So, I feel compelled to blog, not out of ego but just wanting to crack some brain cells over what interests me. I know that blogs are great communication tools, either for sharing one's genius or to lay bare one's ignorance for all the world to see. Any Tom, Dick, or Sally can make a name for him/herself and be heard with a blog--that's good and bad...which leads me to why I feel compelled to blog: balance. There is no shortage of bloggers dishing out daily doses of spiritual error, deceit, and Christianity bashing. Conversely, too few can or do articulate matters of Christian faith and theology in a visible and effective manner. So, I'm here to try and join them. Will I succeed or will I be scraping myself off the pavement from a painful crash and burn? We will see.

How I plan to run this blog:
1. I will only blog about things I'm interested in. This is not a political, news, or entertainment blog, though if something catches my interest, I might blog about it.
2. I will not blog daily. Daily (or even more frequent) posts will be RARE and should be viewed as a sign of some divine compulsion. Look for entries on a much less frequent basis. How infrequent? Good question.
3. I will allow PG language only. That goes for anyone leaving comments as well. I will make anyone violating literary civility a victim of my own brand of oppression by deleting offensive comments and banishing the author if need be.
4. I will reply to comments left on my blog if I care to.
5. This will be an evolving blog directly related to my ability to use its features, so please pardon any cheesy-ness. I am still learning.

With that get-to-know-ya out of the way, I leave you to wait with baited breath for my next entry. Enjoy.