Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Fourth Mind Turns Two Years Old

Happy Birthday, Son!

What better way to celebrate turning two than to get really tired! A trip to Beasts class at The Little Gym in Creve Coeur did the trick. 45 minutes later, I was ready for bed. 18 toddlers, 28 parents, a puddle on the floor (NOT ours), and no room is big enough. Both kids had a blast.


Caine27 said...


You have a beautiful son, and from the pictures you had posted further below your daughter is just as lovely. I am assuming the gentleman in the picture is your husband. He seems like a good man as well.

Overall I would say you have a wonderful family. :)

Letitia (The Damsel) said...


Hey, thank you SO MUCH! It's hard to believe that after so many years, I still know how to spell your name!!!!!!!!! :D

Yes, DH is in the middle picture. I am fantastically blessed without a doubt.

Caine27 said...

Actually, my name is spelled Nich. :P

Also, I wanted to mention there was one face absent among all the wonderful pictures, that of the damsel herself. Where might I find pictures such as these? :)

Letitia (The Damsel) said...

What, my eye isn't good enough for you?

Actually, my profile is a FULL 1/4 shot! Ha!