Monday, February 25, 2008

ARTtsy Fartsy

Last Thursday, my good friend Brett put together an awesome art and music event called Stage Nite at the ARTt Cafe near UMSL. Lil ol' me was one of the featured artists/photographers with four pieces in the gallery. Aw, he called me an artist!

The coffeehouse was surprisingly full given the icy bad weather that day. Three bands with varying music styles came to give a concert; the coffee drinks were flowing, and I saw people I had not seen in over a year there to cheer all of us artistes on. This is being written up in Live magazine as well as The Current (UMSL student newspaper). I must go hunt me down a copy of each. Brett busted his tail to get this event on, and it turned out great; it was also publicity for his photography and production company (ATC Production & Photography). The ARTt Cafe is a Christian-owned coffee shop and good hangout place, with its own art gallery in the basement. Roomy and comfy, I highly recommend it as a meeting spot for catching up with friends and getting your java on.

The ARTt Cafe
8400 Natural Bridge Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63121

Enjoy the photos from the evening!

Above: Look, groupies!

Left: Brett and I, pals and artists for Jesus. LOL.

It's not rap; it's spoken verse.

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