Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ann Coulter Says "Don't Blame Romney"

I don't!  I blame Ann Coulter.

I'm going to give just a tiny bit to Ann Coulter and say that I get it. I do, because I once held her self-proclaimed non-idiot position before I became a "pro-life badass" myself. Having stated that, my compliments stop there. See, for all the sharp-eyed political optics Coulter has (and she's got specs for sure), she and many of the GOP self-aggrandizers have one big, black hell-hole of a blind spot when it comes to the issue of abortion, and that is they become useful idiots of the Left.

The first mistake when it comes to the issue of the rape-conceived person is to pit the unborn child against her mother. The Left loves to divide and conquer along lines that should naturally constitute a bond between two equally important people in this world. By conceding the position that two lives cannot coexist just because the Left says that the one life smaller in size should only exist by the consent of the larger (and not the other way around, curiously enough), plays into the elitist trick that their narrative is the only narrative to which we should all prostrate ourselves. I'd like to know why anyone should hog tie himself at the feet of the Legion of Doom. Only the pro-death Left spins the issue into "requir[ing] a woman to bear the child of her rapist" instead of giving justice to every innocent victim of rape, born and unborn.

The second mistake is to blame GOP candidates for saying what they believe. Nowhere in the manufactured debacles of Akin and Mourdock did either of them say that the reason they were running for office was to fictionalize rape or pass legislation prohibiting abortion under any circumstance. Both men answered the obligatory pro-life questions (asked only to Republicans) by stating their positions, nothing more. It was the Left (again!) who responded in predictable fashion with the microphone that they command (only because the GOP is out looking for a spine), practically telling the public that Akin thinks rape is no big deal, and Mourdock is personally going to hold a baby in a mother's womb to prevent her from aborting. Somehow, these GOP talking heads capitulate to the straw men that the Left likes to contruct for target practice, and they all too willingly run out before the first shot to sink a hatchet into the backs of perfectly good candidates, because God forbid the other party should have to prove its accusations.

Since the finger-pointing has begun in the wake of Mitt Romney's disappointing loss, GOP bigwigs should be ready to take it as well as they can dish it out. From where I and my "badass" pro-life compatriots stand, it's mouthpieces like Coulter, Priebus, Rove, and Perino who became the Lucy to Charlie Brown and pulled the ball away just as our duly elected primary winners were about to kick. They fell, naturally, but spare us the schlepped up line that they were toxic players who poisoned the presidential race as well. Puleez.

For all the complaining about how the other party get stuff wrong all the time, the biggest favor Coulter could do for Republicans now is to quit being the unhappy lap dog of the Left when it comes to the pro-life issue of which she admittedly has a 100% flight risk for only a 1% disagreement. If the talking heads spent half as much time focused on winning seats instead of getting distracted by Obama's "lady parts," the Senate could have well been a lot closer to getting flipped today. Anyone can take losing an election if it's one step forward at a time. But there is no consolation for losing when the Party one belongs to actively pushes candidates two steps back and spits on them.

(This is a response to Ann Coulter's post-2012 Election blogpost blaming Senatorial candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock for causing Mitt Romney to lose the Presidential race.)