Thursday, February 21, 2008

Laugh Rack -1-

Once in a while, I feel the need to interject some humor into my blog. Warning: this is my kind of humor. I have long realized that what makes me laugh doesn't always (or rarely) make the rest of humanity laugh. If it's not funny to you, I don't want to hear about it.

Triablogue: William Lane Craig Would Endorse This Book

The saucy guys at Triablogue caught my attention this week with a post screaming


all over it. Of course it caught my attention! Where'd I put my I Heart Kalaam t-shirt? An amusing piece of satire; I'm happy to link to it as my laugh-of-the-every-so-often. Oops, the screaming contains only four exclamation points, excuse me. Here's an excerpt:

One reader (not

said, “Peter Pike has written a very sarcastic book and also refers to himself in the third person when writing reviews.”

Public Transit is an irreverent social commentary that deals with such issues as the Vietnam War (“It was about white Republicans forcing African Americans into a godforsaken jungle so that they would die, and thus avoid the Civil Rights movement. It’s exactly like what Shrub is doing in Iraq today” (p. 79)), animal rights (“[I]nstead of fetal pigs, they’d use real human fetuses so they wouldn’t have to worry about the ethics of dissections any longer” (p. 41)), politics (“A bullet in the Bush is worth two in the hand” (p. 76)), and the philosophy of time (“That had all been six hours ago” (p. 156)). Most notable (

WILLIAM LANE CRAIG!!!!would notice if he were writing this review), the entire book contains only four (4) semicolons!

(Just a heads up, I do have Dr. Craig's home telephone number somewhere, so I wasn't kidding about possibly calling him up.)

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