Monday, February 18, 2008

Better than a Hot Cup of Che

David Park has written an absolutely powerful post on what revolution feels like, Jesus style, contra revolution through today's commercialution. At least, that's how I took it. (Yeah, one of my famous puns worked its way into this post, didn't it?)

He writes:
No, revolution, even a personal one, is not cheap. Revolution leaves a man
ruined. And there are a lot of casualties. You can’t sell that. And even as I
understand it from where I’m sitting…it’s too much for me to grasp and I can’t
let go. God help me, I can’t let go.

Gasp. It never ceases to floor me to listen to someone who 'gets it.' The most powerful revolution is the one that takes place when the heart, occupied by nothing but the corpse of the sinful self is brought to life and starts to beat for Christ and tastes but a drop of the kingdom of God. How about a churchful of people who Jesus has invaded and conquered like that? I'm a sobbing heap on the floor. Thank you, David.

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