Monday, October 14, 2013

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely "Shut Down"

Pro-Life Fridays Radio Monologue - October 4, 2013

Obamacare and the Shut Down.  One of my media friends calls it a "#Shutnado," but really it has been more like the government passing gas this week.  At best not impressive.  At worst, offensive, and it stinks up a room.  All nonessential federal services were supposed to be shut down until the House Republicans agree to fully funding The Unaffordable Lack-of-Care and Patient Victimization Act as part of the Continuing Resolution to raise the government debt ceiling.  Where--what part of any of this sounds right to you?  I mean, if this is not a kind of political Greek Hell, I don't even know.  Even Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, is being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize for talking down our Nobel Peace Prize President from his warmongering stance against Syria!  I'm starting to think that those fluoridated water conspiracy theorists have something--that decades of drinking fluoridated water has lowered our IQs enough so that we think this craziness is just normal life, but we're really living in Greek Hell.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

But never fear, essential services are still being provided.  And by "essential," I mean--the Obama Administration means--essential, like guards and barricades at national parks and open-air memorials, White House executive chefs, Michelle Obama's remaining personal assistants (plural), and HHS programs meant for sterilizing American Indians who are part of the Navajo Nation. Yes, that's right.  CNS news reports that the Department of Health and Human Services has grants totalling $450,000 to "provide birth control--including "long acting" contraceptives and "sterilization"--in the Navajo Nation’s tribal lands."

Article:  "HHS Promoting 'Long-Acting Contraception, Sterilization, in Dwindling Navajo Nation"

$450,000--big deal, you say.  Well, if you aren't bothered by even $1 of your money being spent on the continuing and slow demise of not just one but several ethnic groups, maybe you'll appreciate that the shut down is shutting down NIH funding for cancer research and clinical drug trials, but the Shut Down is giving $455 million (yes, that's a thousand times more than for sterilizing Navajo Americans) to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  If you think those on the Left are at all tearful and would work to mitigate this, just ask Harry Reid.  Oh right, someone did ask leading him to blurt out his famous "Why would I want to do that?" line.  I swear, that is the most honest thing ever to come out of Harry Reid's mouth.  Yes, population control and narrative control--all very necessary and essential under the Obortion Administration.  So sorry for children suffering from cancer.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't realized it by now, this is the Emperor's fully armed and operational battle station.

This is not a shut down; it's a form of extortion.  But we've been here before.  Last time.  When the President threatened that seniors would not get their Social Security checks if Congress didn't approve of the last debt ceiling hike (erhm and Sequestration)!  This President has used people--used them as human shields--as a way of extorting our politicians into getting what he wants "100%," and he's still doing it.  I hear people, conservative Americans even, dismiss pro-life issues such as we talk about on this show as being irrelevant to the economics and policies that are really important to America.

Please, I'm begging you to wake up and realize that we are swimming in those issues everyday when we talk about economics and policy.  There is no separating what has been intertwined in public policy.  Pres. Obama was willing to use our senior citizens on Social Security as pawns in his political schemes then.  Now, his administration is halting research for cancer patients in favor of funding government media mouthpieces and moving  forward with funding for birth control and sterilization for already diminishing peoples.  And for what--to bankroll a health care system that is designed NOT to make sure everyone can get Congressional-style coverage (that claim was a joke from the beginning), but to be able to select out who the elites think is worthy of receiving care, just like they do in Canada and Europe.  In Belgium, they limit access to certain kinds of life-saving drugs and medical treatments but fully fund assisted suicide--don't think Obamacare won't do the same.  Instead of funding life-saving measures, Obamacare instead will fund abortion.  Isn't it nice to know that Grandma, who might not be able to get an operation to save her life, can get subsidized $9/month birth control pills and all the abortions she wants?  Fabulous.

And I'm going to keep saying it until it sinks in.  If what is considered "just a social issue" is not worth the time to seriously discuss, then why did a liberal like Democrat Wendy Davis spend 11 hours filibustering on the Texas Senate floor?  Why did she wear a freaking catheter--those things are painful as childbirth, I tell you.  So talking about it makes you uncomfortable--does it make you want to insert a catheter into your urinary tract to avoid it?...because Wendy Davis wore one for 11 hours so that she could shut down a bill about limiting abortion.  Don't tell me this is a sideline issue, because it sure isn't one for the Left. Obamacare proves it--the Shut Down proves it.  All conservatives need to come to grips with this fact.  It would be a relief to talk about abortion as a social issue one day--the day we stop making it legal, so then I can say "At least it's not legal."  But that day hasn't come.

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