Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apparently, it's Barack-O Suave

If ever there opens a pit of despair in my stomach it is when I see intelligent and critical-thinking women abandoning their brains on national television to fawn over a political candidate they should interview with great scrutiny instead! As many know, Sen. Barack Obama made a widely publicized appearance on ABC's The View to talk about, well, nothing really. Aside from a casual brush off of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright ordeal, Obama did a terrific impression of a male model, one that talks little of substance but everyone loves him anyway just for the way he looks.

So powerful was his appeal that near the end of his appearance, both co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and (Republican) Elisabeth Hasselbeck volunteered themselves to work for Obama's campaign. Said Shepherd, "I so appreciate you sharing your heart in the speech you just gave, 'cause I had my vote for Hillary, and as soon as I heard that speech, I changed it. And I want to leave The View to campaign for you--well, not leave The View, but you know, on the weekends." To which Hasselbeck added, "I was just thinking the same thing!" My, all this for a candidate that talks in government subsidies and nonpartisan feelgoodisms.

I guess all that is needed to win some women's votes is to be sexy and genteel (hey, "sexy" is the word Barbara Walters used).

So go ahead and watch the interview for yourself. I want to see how many other women fall under the Obama "sexy" spell too.

Credit: YouTube user kimktb

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