Thursday, April 3, 2008

15 Minutes of Fame...or Dread?

UPDATE: After inquiring about a possible print date for this story, the reporter told me that, essentially, TATB has been upstaged by the Pope's upcoming visit to the US, and our story has been pushed back for an unpecified amount of time.

[Originally posted on Monday, 3/24/2008]
Last Wednesday, our monthly Theology at the Bottleworks discussion brought the folks out in droves, as often the case. Apparently, immigration issues gets people talking. Also apparently, the New York Times wants to shine a spotlight on TATB for their paper. Well, nothing new here--news articles about the Journey's TATB have been turning Christian against Christian for going on two years here in St. Louis--except that this time my name is going into the article.

The reporter gave me no indication her tack on the whole TATB experience, so I have no idea what angle the article will have. She asked me my age, my occupation, my political leanings (!), and how I get along with those with whom I politically disagree in church. Okay.

And then I find out that she'd finished wrapping up an interview with John MacArthur earlier that day prior to TATB for the same article. Uh-oh. I am unwilling to get into details of what my knee-jerk cynicism conjures up, but I smell another round of John MacArthur vs. Emerging church jousting coming up. Ugh, I pray not.

And my name is going in this article. Yikes.

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