Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trash Day

Mondays are trash day. With camera in hand, I took a stroll down our street to give you a look at what trash days typically look like around here.

The second photo has, I think, four 20lb. bags of cat litter plus other trash. It could be five bags of cat litter...

The third, fourth, and fifth photo (close-up of fourth photo)--just about everything you see is recyclable.

The last can is ours. In a week, we don't even fill it up all the way. But, I don't post this to say how great I am and how everyone else is trash city. Certainly not everyone on the block puts out equal to my worst case neighbors, and I'm definitely no ecovironut by any measure. But how about a little restraint? The weekly trash output is astounding, especially given the few people that actually occupy each house. Recycle your trash, people.

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Letitia (The Damsel) said...

And if you're wondering if we also have curbside recycling, WE DO. So there is no excuse.