Saturday, April 20, 2013

David Sirota Gets His Wish for a White Bomber

Pro-Life Fridays Radio Monologue - April 19, 2013
Part 1

I'm going to take a minute to congratulate David Sirota on his wish that the Boston marathon bomber was a "White American." He got the "white," or nearly-white part, correct. I hope he feels good about that. I really do. But I have to say, though, that his dream of having a white, American bomber was already realized in 1969 in the man who would help launch Barack Obama's political career, Bill Ayers. It was also realized in 1995 when Timothy McVeigh exploded a bomb in Oklahoma City. What's missing in Sirota's half-empty glass at this point is saying how many white Americans he would like to see become bombers and whether or not he would be willing to become one of those white American bombers, since he apparently desires so much after them.

Ah, someone on Facebook apparently took issue with me about talking about the bombing today, asking how we can be talking about the reasons for the bombing when no suspect has been caught yet. Well, I didn't announce that we were going to be discussing reasons for the bombing, but that setting off bombs with the intent and knowledge to maim and murder people is a pro-life issue. I don't know--is that really a tough one? But I will tell you that I'll do this, and that's talk about the reasons why it wasn't a bombing by conservative Tea Party people on Tax Day. April 15th is "Tax Day" like President's Day is every president's birthday. April 15th is the last day you have to file your taxes; it's a deadline (gasp, did I just say "dead?"). April 15th is DEAD DAY, not Tax Day!!! Augh, caught me... A second reason why the Boston bombing isn't a bombing by conservative Tea Party people is that no guns were used. Everyone knows conservatives love and cling to their guns and religion, not bombs. Third reason, everyone knows Tea Partiers are racists, and no black people were killed in the bombing! So there. you. go.

Incidentally, April 15th is Israel's national Memorial Day for victims of terrorism. Just sayin'.

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