Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've Got Worms!

Composting worms, that is. After waiting anxiously for days, the store where I ordered them from said "they're in!" I grabbed my keys, shoes, and children and drove to the local Worm's Way to pick up my redworms. My starter bedding and food scraps had been aging for almost a week and breeding fruit flies like crazy, so I was very relieved to get those worms. Anyway, the play-by-play on my first worm bin:

The Bin
Since I'm new at this, I had no idea what was an appropriate size bin for 1 lb. of worms, so I bought this 21 gal. lock-top Rubbermaid plastic bin. I now know that this is kind of big. Oh well, I had always planned to keep it outdoors anyway. I'm hoping the larger size will also encourage my worms to reproduce quickly.

Oh hai! Looks like I'm growing something in it already!

Prepping the Bin
Me use power drill. Feel goooood--yaaaaah!

Add Bedding
This project doubles as an educational tool for my daughter. Now this is my idea of homeschooling! After wetting the bedding down, I added some old rotting food from the back of the fridge and covered it with a little more damp bedding.

Add Worms and Cover With Dry Bedding!
All the vermicomposting instructional sites say now leave them alone for at least a few days for the worms to get comfy. Must resist the urge to look--must resist! Must.....resist!

Anyway, expect updates on my progress.

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