Monday, May 12, 2008

Look Ma, No Hands!

Update on the 2008 EO/Wheatstone Academy Symposium

And the winner is....

Not me. When I cracked open the e-mail this morning, I screamed. Coming in Fifth Place among so many talented and astute bloggers is not too shabby for this babe in the woods! At this point, I win a prize, but who cares? I WON FIFTH PLACE--yee haw! Many many thanks to Joe Carter at the evangelical outpost, Wheatstone Academy, and the essay judges for a terrific symposium. Their probably volunteer efforts are highly ME, who won Fifth Place!
Here are the top five winners of the contest:

Here is the list of prizes that the five finalists have to choose from:

(1) A full tuition scholarship for a Christian high school student of the winner's choice to Wheatstone Academy. [A $950 value]
(2) The 'Quintessentials' from Stand to Reason, including the Ambassador Basic Curriculum, Tactics in Defending the Faith DVD, Decision Making and the Will of God CD set, and a signed copy of Greg Koukl's new book Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air. [A $150 value]
(3) A full-tuition scholarship to the upcoming GodBlogCon (September 2008). [A $150 value]
(4) A two-year subscription to Touchstone Magazine. [A $59.95 value]
(5) A year subscription to Townhall magazine. [A $34.95 value]

I'll happily eat the crumbs under any other winner's table, glad just to be in Fifth Place!

Read my essay here: “bro RU SAvd?” and Other Unhelpful Ways to Evangelize

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