Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Making Feminists Cringe. Oh Well. -6-

Sudan's President Pardons Gillian Gibbons

Read this story at foxnews.com.

To go along with this, feminist and former N.O.W. chapter president, Tammy Bruce, recently went on Fox News to give her take on N.O.W.'s silence over Ms. Gibbons' case. She says that N.O.W. should have come to Ms. Gibbon's defense as an obvious no-brainer. What prevented them from making any statement is their current left-leaning politics and their shared disdain for the Bush administration with other leftist groups. So strong is their committment to the left that they are willing to "throw women under the bus" for the sake of maintaining liberal politics.

Read more in her online article.

In this case, Ms. Gibbons was falsely accused of insulting Islam. Rather than rallying behind her and demanding her release from a Muslim government, they turned a blind eye because, apparently, being negative toward a Islamic government that jails and beats women for no good reason is politically incorrect. What if the Sudanese government were Christian instead, and some parents got upset over a teddy bear named John the Baptist, or even Jesus? I assure you, the world would hear outrage coming out of N.O.W. spokeswomen everywhere.

Some say that feminism can be redeemed to again promote the social welfare of women everywhere. That would depend on how one defines feminism. As far as the current definition goes, one of women married to liberal politics, I disagree. Feminism doesn't need redemption, but feminists do.

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